Ball Speed: 15-75 mph

Ball Feed Rate: 2-7 Seconds

Spin: Variable Top & Black

Oscillation: Random

Battery Life: 2-3 Hours

Dimensions & Weight: 18" x 24" x 22" (Storage Position) 49 lbs + 9 lbs (Hopper)

Ball Speed: 18-90 mph/30-145 MPH

Ball Feed Rate: 1.5-8 Seconds

Spin: Yes

Oscillation: Random

Power: A/C Only

Weight: 86lbs/39kg

Ball Feed Remote Starts and stops the ball feed from up to 78 feet away. The remote control must be factory installed.

AC Converter Allows a battery powered machine to operate from an AC outlet for unlimited playing time. Compatible with 110-220V electricity.

Lob Attachment Allows the P1 to throw lobs 50 feet high. Attaches in seconds.

  • • Designed for schools, tennis coaches, and individuals who demand durability and ruggedness in a ball machine.
  • • Indestructible outer shell will not break or corrode.
  • • Throws ground strokes to high volleys.
  • • Adjustable oscillation width accommodates all skill levels.
  • • Smart battery charger included on battery operated models.
  • • Three possible power configurations--battery only, electric only, or both.
  • • The ball hopper doubles as a protective cover when the machine is not in use.
  • • All aluminum internal components, including 1/8" thick aluminum base.
  • • One year parts and labor warranty.