Plexipave is an engineered system, comprised of innovative materials installed according to rigid specifications, which yields a superb playing surface. Each layer in the system serves s specific purpose, and contributes to the quality of the finished court. Plexipave is the most widely-used acrylic tennis court surfacing system in the world. It has achieved a global presence in tennis surface systems, and enjoys an international reputation for excellence and dependability. Sportsteq has been appointed as AUTHORIZED APPLICATOR for the Plexipave System.

"Unrivaled durability and performance, supported by over four decades of technological innovation."

Owners and facility managers around the world appreciate Plexipave's long-lasting, all-weather durability. Its 100% acrylic, asbestos-free composition retains color, texture and playability for 5 to 7 years between resurfacings. Excellent wear resistance represents significant value: a Plexipave court is a wise investment that yields substantial returns year after year.

Tennis players everywhere attest to the superior playability of the Plexipave System. Plexipave's speed of play makes it possible for all types of players to excel, and its distinctive qualities of consistently true bounce and sure footing enhance coaching, training and competition.

According to coaches, when tournament competitors play on Plexipave they are unhindered by surface inconsistencies, allowing a level of play which truly reflects the athlete's skill.

"The International Measure of Quality, Performance and Value in the world of tennis, the Plexipave System is the intelligent choice."

With the Plexipave System, you get a superior product supported by a worldwide organization of authorized applicators.

The original, and still undisputed champion, of cushioned tennis surfacingsystems. The sub-surfacing system is comprised of SBR and EPDM rubber granules, compressed plastic particles, and special mineral fibers bound by special water based polymers.

The new cushioned surface system, combining the force reduction of the successful Plexitrac System wih the consistency of Plexicushion. Thicker layer of cushioning contains specifically-gradated rubber granules with our proven polyresin binder technology. The ideal seamless surfacefor indoor and warm-weather climates.

Superior resistance to deterioration from ultra-violet rays. 100% acrylic, asbestos-free surface retains texture and playability for up to seven years between surfacing.